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Welcome to the fascinating world of Countryball Plush! Our website is dedicated to providing a wide array of delightful Countryball plush toys that capture the essence and charm of these beloved characters. Whether you’re a dedicated fan of Countryballs, a collector of unique plush toys, or searching for a special gift for someone with a love for international cultures, our website is the perfect destination. Immerse yourself in the world of Countryball Plush toys and celebrate the rich diversity and cultural pride of nations.

Why you love Countryball Plush

  • Cultural Representation: Countryball Plush toys represent different countries, allowing people to connect with their own cultural heritage or express an interest in international cultures. Fans appreciate seeing their country’s flag, symbols, or stereotypes depicted in a cute and endearing way.

  • Nostalgia and Memes: Countryballs originated from internet memes and comics, which gained popularity due to their humor and clever references to world events. Countryball plush toys serve as tangible reminders of these memes, sparking nostalgia and fond memories for fans.
  • Collectibility: Countryball Plush toys often come in a variety of designs, representing different countries and characters. This collectibility aspect appeals to enthusiasts who enjoy building a collection, trading, or displaying their favorite Countryball Plush toys.
  • Adorable and Huggable: The cute and round design of Countryballs translates well into plush form. Their simple yet charming appearance makes them visually appealing and perfect for cuddling and displaying as decorative items.
  • Community and Fan Engagement: Countryball Plush toys create a sense of community among fans. Enthusiasts can connect with others who share a love for Countryballs, whether it’s through online discussions, fan events, or trading and showcasing their plush collections.
  • Versatility: Countryball Plush toys can be enjoyed by people of all ages. They can serve as fun toys for children, decorative items for enthusiasts, or even as unique gifts for friends and family members who appreciate international cultures or memes.
  • Light-hearted and Positive Vibes: Countryballs often convey humor and satire in a lighthearted way. Fans enjoy the playful nature of Countryball plush toys, as they bring a sense of positivity, amusement, and comic relief to their surroundings.
  • Unique and Eye-catching Design: The distinct visual style of Countryballs, with their spherical shape and simplistic drawings, stands out among other plush toys. Their unconventional appearance adds a touch of uniqueness and novelty to any collection.

Countryball - Countryball Plush

Happy Customers

104 - Countryball Plush


Arrived early I bought them for my girlfriend x they are your favorite ship thank you very much❤️

103 - Countryball Plush


Good material plush. Came in 16 days from the order. My son like it, but there a small hanging chain is there, which my son doesn’t want it.

102 - Countryball Plush


The order arrived quickly in 3 weeks, before Magnitogorsk. the child likes it very much, we will order again.

101 - Countryball Plush


They are high quality products. I surprised quickly delivery and high quality!

Welcome to Official Countryball Stuffed Toy Store

34 - Countryball Plush

We are proud to be one of the best stores selling variety of style of Countryballs.

Countryball Plush toys are characterized by their round shape. They resemble spherical balls, representing the Earth, with no visible limbs or body proportions. The roundness of the plush toy adds to its cute and huggable nature. Each Countryball Plush toy prominently displays the national flag of the respective country it represents. The flag is usually featured as a circle or an oval shape in the center of the plush, covering a significant portion of its surface area. The flag’s colors and design are accurately replicated to maintain authenticity.

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